AI Takes Center Stage at TECHSPO '24: A Glimpse into the Future of Education.


This coming year’s NJASA TECHSPO ’24 conference schedule is a testament to the burgeoning role of AI in education. It's not just a topic of discussion; it's the heartbeat of the event. Each session, each presentation, seems to echo the sentiment that AI is no longer a futuristic concept, but a present reality shaping the way we teach, learn, and lead in educational settings.

As I peruse the conference schedule, certain sessions catch my eye, promising insights into how AI is reshaping education:

  • "AI for Education" - This general session seems like the perfect opener, setting the stage for a comprehensive understanding of AI's role in education.
  • "AI Didn’t Generate This, But It Could Have: An AI Toolkit for Educators" - I'm particularly excited about this one. It promises practical tools that educators can immediately integrate into their teaching methodologies.
  • "Harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Tiered Instruction" - Personalized learning is the future, and this session seems to be leading the charge by exploring AI in differentiated instruction.
  • "AI in Education: Promise and Perils" - I appreciate this balanced approach. It's crucial to understand both the potential and the pitfalls of AI in educational contexts.
  • "The Good, the Bad and the Uncomfortable of AI" - This session sounds intriguing, likely to provide a candid look at the multifaceted impacts of AI.
  • "Responsible and Ethical Uses of AI in the High School Classroom" - As an advocate for ethical education, I'm keen to learn about ensuring AI's ethical application in classrooms.

As I prepare to attend TECHSPO '24, I find myself reflecting on my journey in the field of education. From my days as a physics student to my current role as an educational leader, technology has always been a pivotal aspect of my professional life. The integration of AI into education is not just an academic interest; it's a passion driven by a belief in the transformative power of education.

Attending TECHSPO '24 and similar conferences in 2024 is more than a professional commitment for me. It's a personal mission to stay abreast of groundbreaking technologies like AI. By immersing myself in these discussions and learning from the experts, I aim to bring back valuable insights to my organization, iLearn Schools Inc., and contribute to shaping an education system that is innovative, inclusive, and forward-thinking.

As I share these anticipations and plans with you, my fellow educators, tech enthusiasts, and lifelong learners, I extend an invitation. Join me in this exploration of AI in education. Whether through attending conferences like TECHSPO '24, engaging in professional dialogues, or experimenting with AI tools in our classrooms, let's collectively embrace this revolution. Together, we can shape an educational future that is not only technologically advanced but also profoundly human-centric and impactful.

Dr. Nihat Guvercin, CEO of iLearn Schools Inc.


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